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Counteroffer checkmate

checkmate !!!
Heading off counteroffers  

Professional recruiters typically pose the counteroffer question ” Have you ever accepted a position in good faith and found that when you turned in your resignation, your company made you a counteroffer?”, to decide if the candidate is worthwhile to represent.  The question lurking behind the question is, if you make a job offer to someone who responded yes to the question, will they accept another counteroffer from their current company after the recruiter’s client company had offered them a new position.  

Is this person’s word to be trusted? Certainly, this is a consideration whether you are a recruiter or a hiring manager for a company.

If they answered yes, be aware! Certain precautions need to be put in place.  Find out more to fully understand the dynamics of the previous situation and mindset of the candidate.  Remember they have already made a verbal agreement that will cause most hiring managers to terminate the interviewing process and begin preparing for the new arrival.    

Suggested follow-up questions are: How lucrative was the offer? How did you handle it with the company who had just hired you? In the long-run, were you happy you made that decision?  Additionally, ask , “How long did you stay with the organization after accepting the counteroffer?  Did it impact your future advancement or opportunities with that organization? 

Jerry Land lends a professional recruiter’s script and point of view on “How to avoid a candidate accepting a counteroffer” in his blog at

Don’t be blindsided by a counteroffer acceptance two days before your new employee is supposed to be sitting in New Employee Orientation.  Be thorough.  The extra questioning up front will save a ton a regret later and stave off the unexpected check-mate!

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