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PTO or vacation…we’re still going to Disneyland!!

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We’ve been involved in helping companies establish and rewrite their company policies lately, so we wanted to pass on this recent information about “PTO Plans on the Rise”.

Fifty-four percent of employers report that their organization offers a comprehensive paid time off (PTO) plan rather than traditional individual policies for vacation, sick leave, and personal leave, according to a recent survey of PTO practices by BLR.

This is a significant increase over the 43% of companies who reported using a paid time off plan in BLR’s Survey of Employee Benefits in late 2007.

In the most recent survey, virtually all of the companies that said they offer a paid time off plan allow both exempt and nonexempt employees to participate in the plan. Most include vacation, sick time and personal days in their paid time off plan, and nearly half include days off to care for dependents.

Nearly three out of four (72%) companies with a paid time off plan allow days to be carried over to subsequent years. About 30% of such companies allow the bank of accumulated days to grow to between 20-29 days, while an almost equivalent percentage (26%) allow the bank to grow to a maximum of 30-59 days.

The survey, which included nearly 2,000 responses, was conducted by BLR’s HR Daily Advisor in January 2010.  Whether you manage your benefits through PTO or traditional vacation, be sure to track it and apply your standards to all of your employees consistently and equitably.

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