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Spark of leadership- 1900’s style

Good rules for making a success in business

by W.C. Coleman (1870-1957)

If you ever have camped by the light of the Coleman lantern or lit a Coleman stove, you’ve been affected by the philosophy of the man who sold light to America. See what drove a company formed in 1900 to success.

  1. Let your first concern be to develop the character and talents of your people and they will make your business prosper.
  2. Be a true brother to your employee and fellow worker and he will do wonderful team work under your captaincy.
  3. Place service to your associates above personal gain and their responsiveness will, in turn, bring a greater success to you.
  4. Deal fairly with men and they will be fair to you–only thus can justice prevail and helpful cooperation become a fact.
  5. Think of your obligations as of primary importance, your rights as secondary, and you will win the faith and confidence of your associates, which are the first essentials of success in business.
  6. Get the right concept of your liberties, namely, the right to do with your possessions only those things which will help your fellow man as well as yourself.  Only thus can you be sure of continued freedom.
  7. Regard your possessions as a trust, yourself as an administrator, only for the good of men and the glory of God, thus only shall your wealth bless and not curse you.
  8. Cultivate the right attitudes in all life’s relationship, namely, dominate things–be kind, considerate, helpful in human relations–worship and glorify God.  Only thus can you avoid friction, strife and worry.
  9. Remember that great achievements are obtained by use of spiritual as well as material forces. Value faith, confidence, intelligence, ambition, character, creative capacity, joy in service above lands, forest mines, buildings, money and material possessions.
  10. Accept the philosophy of Christ the Lord.  “Seek ye first the glory of God and His righteous way and all these things (prosperity, regard of fellowman and the joy of living) shall be added unto you.”

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