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Express to De-stress!

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Find yourself forgetful, confused or making “mountains out of molehills”?  Possibly the enthusiasm you felt earlier this month is dwindling and you might say you are “unenthused” or even depressed.  Be aware!  You may be experiencing signs of emotional distress.

These symptoms can affect us intellectually (hmmm…lack of concentration?), socially (or…withdrawing from people or events?) and even physically (maybe….clumsiness and excessive eating, drinking and smoking?).

Before these behaviors claim a foothold, develop a few strategies for your own “stress shot”.

  1. Talk to a friend or a support person-chances are you are not alone
  2. Take action and say NO to excessive demands
  3. Prioritize and slow down…breathe!
  4. Leave work at a reasonable time, take breaks and exercise!
  5. Listen before jumping to conclusions or taking things personally
  6. Avoid labeling yourself with harsh names you’d never call anybody else
  7. Mentally shout STOP when your focus starts to drift
  8. Remove the word SHOULD from your mental vocabulary
  9. Ask, will it really matter a year from now?

Focusing on what you can do today to make it a productive day, will bring satisfaction, enjoyment and relief of stress.  Take one strategy that appears to be a challenge and practice it for a whole day.  See what it does for you.  Practice it again tomorrow.  In a short period of time, you will be amazed at the results your stress reduction plan will produce!

Source: “The Leader’s Guide to Workplace Stress” by Profiles International Inc. Email for a copy of this white paper.

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