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Managers, pay attention!

If you are looking to run a high-performing team that flourishes, pay attention.

It is the minimum ratio of positive comments and feedback to negative comments and feedback  a team needs to achieve success.  That’s about 3 to 1.  Have you tracked how often you praise your team lately?  I bet your team knows.

Often when I am coaching business owners and senior executives, they sigh when the topic of positive recognition comes up. As visionaries who drive the organization forward, they tell me they are concerned with addressing the concerns they see ahead, not reviewing what’s already happened.   Would a glance in the rear-view mirror serve them well…once in a while?

Keep tally this week with two bowls on your desk-one for the positive comments and one for the negative, using paperclips, pennies or slips of paper. At the end of the week, total your score.

If you have difficulty reaching 3:1, consider this.  Research Psychologist, Marical Losada, found that a high-performing team has a ratio of 5.6 positive to negative comments.  If you reached the goal, congratulations! If not, look deeper.  It may be time for some in-depth analysis to determine why that goal block exists.  Is it with your management or the team make-up?

To learn more, request a copy of The Powerful Act of Coaching Employees .

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