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Strategic alignment…86% aren’t!

Cat´s Eye Nebula (NASA, Chandra, 01/08/01)
Suffering from productivity loss?
Sales sluggish?
Departments not getting along?
Use this unifying leadership technique, as suggested by Peter Drucker, by posing these 3 simple questions.
  1. What is your business?
  2. Who is your customer?
  3. What does your customer consider value?
At a recent workshop the audience was asked, “which question do you have the MOST DIFFICULTY answering? The responses roughly were divided up as follows: Questions 1=25%, 2=25% and 3=50%.
    Imagine if these statistics applied to your organization.
    If 25% of your people were not clear about your business purpose, another 25% of your target market and the last 50% about the value of your offerings, what would the repercussions be?
Only 14% of the organizations polled by consultant and author, William Schiemann, reported that their employees have a good understanding of their company’s strategy and direction.  Challenge yourself to conduct your own poll.   If the results point to  manager-employee mis-alignment, request information by clicking on  “Leadership Charisma” to learn  more.
    Can you afford to have 86% of your employees following their own path?

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