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5 Elements of Successful Coaching

Good performance rarely happens by accident! Coaching is a consistent and reliable management style that creates an open line of communication and an opportunity for growth. Coach early and often. Early, to catch potential problems before they happen, and often, because continuous interest and feedback virtually guarantee better performance. Effective managers need to understand the importance of coaching people.

Effective managers coach their employees early and often. They do not wait for and rely on yearly reviews to direct their leadership efforts. Leaders need to demonstrate greater managerial courage and provide timely feedback to their employees. When you implement coaching, you will begin to see results! Successful coaching leads to higher employee motivation and productivity, enhanced relationships and communication between managers and employees, and better leadership abilities. But what qualities should a good coach have? Here are 5 elements of successful coaching:

1. Job Fit
The first and most important question is, “Are they right for the job?” Job fit has everything to do with whether a person is going to succeed or fail. How do you know if they will do well? Look at the past performance of employees who have done well in that position, and see if the person matches (this is called benchmarking). The leader will then know to start coaching and training in the areas where the employee doesn’t match up.

2. Leadership
Top leaders coach managers to be the kind of leader the organization wants. Two of the most important management coaching competencies are the ability to identify people who fit a leadership role, and the ability to create strategies for employee development that inspire people to perform and achieve. Every great leader should know each of their employees’ characteristics, attributes of their job, and how well they fit the company. Leaders need to foster open communication. They should also lead by example. Be a mentor for your group!

3. Motivation
The key to motivation is communication! Frequent communication with employees, that concerns their work, is essential to boost employee morale and performance. Positive communication can motivate and reinforce outstanding performance. Cisco Systems Inc.’s CEO, John Chambers, hosts a monthly hour-long birthday breakfast for any employee with a birthday that month. Employees are invited to ask him anything. They feel recognized, and he gains loyal employees who share their ideas. Managers can also publicly recognize employees for their good performance and achievement. Even having career advancement opportunities will increase motivation. Get creative and start motivating!

4. Chemistry with Employees
According to Gallup, over 70% of people in the workforce report not being engaged, and 60% plan to leave their job when the economy turns around. The number one reason? Their immediate manager. The relationship between a manager and employee can have an impact on productivity. Managers need to understand their employees. Otherwise, it can cause a major breakdown in communication and relationships.

5. Team Chemistry
This is extremely important! When a team understands what each person’s skills are, then they are more supportive and tolerant towards other individuals. This, in turn, opens up communication among the team members. In order to coach a team, the manager must know what characteristics the team is lacking, and how they can avoid potential conflicts. Having this information will help ensure the team’s success.

Managers must remember that one size does not fit all. Each employee has different needs, interests, and motivations which drive how they work. The sooner the manager understands the employee, the more effective the coaching and results will be. Make sure to look at the overall picture. Once leaders discover the value of coaching early and often, they will be able to increase the efficiency and productivity of their employees.

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