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Irresistible Leadership

We talk about hiring the right people, with the right work ethic, and following us even when the “going gets rough”… and fail. Why?

Exactly, what is your why? What do your leaders believe and why do you do what you do? Does your “Why” precede the “What”? In simpler terms, does your organization talk up your purpose (the Why) on a continual basis so strongly it because a “cause”?

To learn the formula of how to become an inspiring leader, watch this popular TED video featuring Simon Sinek. You may change your whole approach with how you address your people, your clients and your market. Enjoy!

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"Pat brings her charm, wit and insight into her advisory relationships and shares the same with her audiences. She's got the systems to back up her concepts."

- Frank Maguire FEDEX Senior Founding Executive

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