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Count your F-I-G-S!

The business owners and professionals I coach often share a common frustration. This nuisance has become known as those FIGS that hold them back from achieving their highest potential.

Common complaints go like this…” I can’t get anything done during office hours, because the staff is always coming in and asking questions! Or…” I just get started on that project I need to give my undivided attention to and someone is always standing at my door…can’t they see I am busy?” And finally, “I know they need to learn, but it takes me longer to teach them than if I did it myself!”

A brilliant attorney I work with came up with this clever FIGS acronym -that I love- so if you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed-you probably need to step back and count your FIGS, too!

Here’s how. Keep track daily of the number of Fires, Interruptions and Guidance Situations you encounter during a week. Note who caused the FIG and how long it took to resolve. For my more detailed clients, segmenting their tracking sheet by hours of the day allows them to spot time-of-day trends. Tally each category, see if there is a person or persons who dominate each category and form a strategy as to how to alleviate yourself of the stress of that FIG.

You’ll feel better for it and truly have more time to achieve your highest potential.

Figs” by
Keith McDuffee
is licensed under CC by 2.0

Pat Dolen works with business owners and professionals who believe they have not reached their highest potential and are intentional about growing their businesses, professions and lives.

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