People problems can seem like a labyrinth – puzzling, perplexing or complicated; an intricate network of passages hard to follow without losing your way.

We serve as trusted advisors who unravel the maze with clarity, perspective and insight; providing  a  road map to get to the heart of the maze and a compass to plot the way for the future.

Whether we serve as your Outsourced Human Resource Manager or Project Consultant, consider these strategic components to your Strategic Workforce Plan.

Talent Audits

What is the biggest operational challenge in managing a company for the foreseeable future?

According to Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, 41% – Finding, hiring and retaining qualified workers, 14% – Developing a strong sales strategy, 12% Managing cash flow, 9% Building and integrating internal systems and 23% – Other.

Evaluating and assessing your current talent, determining the best fit for that talent and developing your talent to manage and capture market share is essential to your company’s future. Are you ready?

Hiring  System

The Society of Human Resource Management states that “63% of all hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of an interview.”  No wonder Peter Drucker was quoted as saying that…” 66% of all hiring decisions will prove to be a mistake within the first year.”

Do you have a structured hiring and interview system in place?

We customize a structured, consistent Hiring and Interviewing Process that rivals your largest competitors.  When used consistently, it drives your liklihood of hiring success up to 75%.

Interview Process

What are your odds for hiring a good match?

Research tells us it is likely that you will hire a good performer 1 out of 7 times, if you only use an interview to qualify them.  Add in reference, background and reliabilty testing and your statistics says it is likely you’ll hire a good performer 1 out of every 4 times.

Consider outsourcing your interviewing and hiring steps to professionals who know what to ask, what not to ask and what questions will produce the information needed to judge if there is a good match for the company and the candidate.


“We’ve done lots of research over the past three years, and found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results.” …VP of Global Executive & Organizational Development,  IBM

Research has shown that the best leadership development takes place on-the-job.  Understanding how to best communicate with your employees sets the stage for a leader to coach and mentor their employees with developmental and professional needs.

Rate your own effectiveness on our Coaching Skills Survey!

Career Pathing

Where does this job lead to?  Where can I go next?

In this changing world of  a multi-generational workforce, applicants and seasoned employees expect a clear answer.  20% of our workforce are complaining and leaving  jobs over limited career opportunities.  Use career pathing as your competitive human resource retention strategy that will appeal to all the generations.


Are your employees motivated to do their best for the benefit of your clients and the success of the organization? Are they committed?

Employees seek training and career development,  effective recognition and reward systems, good communication and information flow to commit to the organization and develop performance accountability. Learn how to give positive interpersonal, workplace support and develop trusting relationships to motivate and engage your organization.

Succession Planning/Leadership Pipeline

If two of your managers left today, do you have other successors ready to replace them?

How do you measure if someone is ready to be promoted into a new opportunity?  Are you able to predict future success or would you have a “let’s see how it works out” attitude?  With our Job Fit™ system, we can “profile” already successful individuals before resign or retire from your company.  By matching them to potential contenders, you are poised for a quick recovery from key personnel losses that you can, and sometimes can’t predict.

Retention & Turnover

Are you aware of the cost to your company when you lose or terminate an employee?  In the first 3 months, 6 months or 1 year?

Only 15% of all departing employees cite salary and benefits as the reason for voluntarily leaving a  company.  What does it cost your company when an employee leaves or is terminated?  A palatable figure to accept is the U. S Department of Labor’s indicating that a company loses 1/3 rd the cost of a new hire’s salary to replace them.  Other boutique and large consulting firms have quoted the hidden costs  as high as 200-300% of an annual salary.

Employee Return on Investment

Have you measured your ROI on your employees?

Why do some employees perform so much better than others?  A study by Hunter and Schmidt revealed that skilled employees in the same work classifications,  who were rated “average” underperformed “top” performers by 32%.  And, if they were in a professional or managerial work classification, the “top” performers outperformed those rated “average” by 46%.  Learn how to get more from your “average” performers and improve their performance for a higher ROI.

In this competitive market, your high potentials go where the culture supports and nurtures the best and the brightest! Make it yours!