Changing people, perceptions and performance!

Pat keeps her audiences grinning as they recognize themselves in her stories gleaned from over twenty-five years as a Strategic Business Coach and Board Facilitator to privately held businesses, as well as a Human Resources advisor and CEO.

Pat believes an organization has the potential “to become irresistible” to top performers when they are willing to “play the sleuth” to examine who they are, how they communicate and how they lead.

“This job would be easy…if it weren’t for the people!”

Become aware of your predominant personality workstyle and how it impacts your communications style. This highly interactive workshop allows you to understand the traits of the 4 personality workstyles and how to best “connect” with each style based on your customer’s predominant type. Recognize body language and visual cues to “read” what “type” a person is. Learn how to use a communication style and motivating words to best connect with your prospect, client and peers. Know what behaviors about yourself can stall a sale or make you vulnerable to losing that next big client!

Choosing to Communicate with Boldness!

Find yourself hesitant before having the “big talk” with your boss or loved ones, only to achieve incomplete results? Are your
assumptions getting in the way of your assertiveness? Learn how to understand your communication tendencies, clear self-sabotaging behaviors, and apply the right communication techniques in your personal and professional relationships.

Defrag your Mental Computer & Make Space for Possibilities!”

When you are reminded of “that person”, do you find yourself reliving past scenes and wishing if you just could have said “*&%!@& !!!” to their face… that you wouldn’t feel this way? If you saw them outdoors walking, would you cross the street? Or are they in your past and you just can’t forget what they did to you? Do your thoughts turn to anger, hurt and bitterness? Learn how to rid yourself of these useless bits that only drag on your productive energy and life. Defrag that mental computer!

Additional Background:

Pat’s audiences have included such groups as the American Council of Engineers, Association of Energy Service Companies, Independent Insurance Agents, Building Owners and Managers, Association of Legal Administrators, American Institute of Architects, Gulf Coast Human Resource Symposium, Houston Society of Association Executives, Gulf Coast PHCC, Intergraph-Power, Process & Marine, the University of Houston-Center for Entrepreneurship, American Women’s Society of CPA’s, Duke Energy and the Society of Human Resource Management.

Pat “walks the talk” through her involvement in the Houston business community by helping other business leaders position themselves for growth and achievement. She co-founded a successful business referral group that just celebrated its 20th year!

Voted one of the “Top 10 Networkers in the City Of Houston”, Pat co-founded the local chapter of a professional women’s sales organization and sat on their National Board for two years. She participated on the Educational Advisory Board for American Intercontinental University, wrote as contributing columnist for Houston Skylines, BOMA and PHCC , and ranked in the top 3% of all fundraisers in Houston for the 39 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Pat was one of CanCare’s Houston Heroes for the Chevron Aramco Marathon.

Pat quickly blends into any business group and engages them with her charm, wit and insight!