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Shortcuts now, consequences later

Two CEO’s of growing organizations are meeting with me to help identify two key players to grow their organizations. Both plan to invest significant time and training into these individuals, and offer worthy compensation plans with no cap on their earning potential.

What is the number one request that each individual possess to meet these CEO’s selection criteria? Proven top performer in their industry? History of consistent accomplishment? Wonderful personality?

No, it can be defined as “character”.

John C. Maxwell in The Maxwell Daily Reader shares a quote of a nineteenth century clergyman, Phillips Brooks as saying, “Character is made in the small moments of our life.” Maxwell explains, “Anytime you break a moral principle, you create a small crack in your foundation of integrity. And when times get tough, it becomes harder to act with integrity, not easier. Character isn’t created in a crisis; it only comes to light.”

“Developing and maintaining integrity require constant attention. Josh Weston, chairman and CEO of Automatic Data Processing, Inc, says, “I’ve always tried to live with the following simple rule: ‘Don’t do what you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading about in the newspapers the next day.”

(Or showing up on YouTube!)

"Pat brings her charm, wit and insight into her advisory relationships and shares the same with her audiences. She's got the systems to back up her concepts."

- Frank Maguire FEDEX Senior Founding Executive

John Maxwell


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