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Finding my Inner Comedienne

Suze Orman“The best ideas come as jokes.  Make your thinking as funny as possible.”  David Ogilvy

How did Suze Orman’s picture become the focal point of my blog?  A joke.  A throw-away line to lighten up the September ’09 planning meeting of the speakers for the Texas Women Who Rock.  The Theme was “You and Your Money”.  So, off the cuff I suggested, “wouldn’t it be funny if someone played Suze Orman?” Four pairs of eyes simultaneously drilled into mine, and…a new “Suze” was born.  

Those lost days when my brother, Thom Tydeman and I, played in our living room giving life to imaginary comic book characters, rock stars and the latest Saturday Night Live actors, came back to me.  My creativity and imagination soared!

So, as I take the stage at Texas Children’s Hospital tomorrow as my “Suze Orman” character, I step out of my customary role of  business adviser, executive coach and consultant to companies  looking for communication harmony and productivity. Instead, you’ll meet my” inner comedienne” where I share some  “funnies” from life with  my family and my own imagination on what it must be like to be an icon, like Suze. 

And if you miss the corporate twist to this blog, check out “The Levity Effect: Why it Pays to Lighten Up” by Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher where they share in their first two chapters, …”If They’re Busting Their Gut. They’ll Bust Their Butts” and …”If They’re Laughing, They’re Listening. “

"Pat brings her charm, wit and insight into her advisory relationships and shares the same with her audiences. She's got the systems to back up her concepts."

- Frank Maguire FEDEX Senior Founding Executive

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